Industrias Vermont



Vermont Industries has been in business for more than 30 years, always driven with what we believe it’s the most important for our clients: delivering products that create value for our customers at all levels. That unique goal has kept Vermont as the industry leader since its beginnings.

Today, Vermont continues its international expansion through its USA subsidiary “Verbet Industries LLC” which is guided by the same core values and work commitment to building first-class business solutions as Vermont has done for the past 30 years.

The company’s continuous need for innovation and functionality that reflects in the products we deliver; has been the main difference on why HVAC contractors prefer our high quality products than any other. We are glad to provide them with the best solutions for the people they serve.

Through the years we have grown and today we produce the widest range of air distribution products, such as:

Grilles, diffusers, louvers, dampers, controls and accessories (aluminum and steel).

Insulated circular flexible ducts (aluminum and polyester).

Metal ducts (insulated/none insulated), round, oval or rectangular and their connections.

Full variety of air filters made with high quality USA raw material (fully compliance with international standards).

Metallic components specially design for the manufacturing industry.

Metal rolling shutters.

Unfolded and perforated sheet (aluminum and stainless steel).

Stamped, embossed, rejected or forged products (aluminum and steel).

Owens Corning international distributors for thermo acoustic insulations used in air conditioning, construction and industrial applications.

Galvanized sheets and coils, thermostats, fittings, tools, adhesives, sealants and accessories for air conditioning ducts.

Our commitment to our customers relies in every single detail that involves a great customer experience. We are here to create value for those who look for a long term trustworthy business partner. Feel free to contact us and see what Vermont and Verbet Industries can offer you today.

We sincerely look forward to serve you,


Vermont CEO